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Women's Haircut

Dailey Hair Designs Provides Women's Haircuts and Kid's Cuts For Convenience.

Are you looking for a hair shop that cares about the environment, with a stylist who is friendly and provides quality service for you and your family? Come into Dailey Hair Designs and feel at home at your new family hair salon. We are conscientious, friendly, and professional. You will feel comfortable and walk out looking amazing after your appointment. A regular appointment at a friendly salon can keep you looking and feeling your best over time, and it can help you feel a sense of community if you are new to the area.

You can get high-end coloring services from a skilled colorist, a simple trim to improve your hair health, any style kids cut, and more. As more businesses are opening up freely around the country we want to assure you that the highest measures of hygiene and safety are used. We are environmentally friendly, welcoming, and strive to provide a hygienic and friendly environment that families and women can go to in order to look and feel great. You may not know how much a regular hair cut appointment can actually help with hair growth and thickness. If you are trying to grow out your hair, start at your salon. We can help with treatments for hair health, we can trim off dead ends that stop hair growth, and we can offer advice for long locks that are healthy and shiny. No matter your specific hair goals visit us and see how we can help you achieve the look you have always wanted.

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