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Waxing Services

Hair Extensions

Dailey Hair Designs Provides Waxing Services.

You can get your waxing services when you get your hair cut, styles, or color updated for convenience and maximum appearance upkeep. You will discover an industry professional when it comes to waxing services, in a private suite, and comfortable setting so you feel at ease entirely with your eyebrow wax and other waxing services including chin wax and full face waxing here at Daily Hair Designs. Every measure is taken to ensure your comfort and that your waxing experience is as pain-free as possible. You can even book online for maximum convenience and ease.

Eyebrow wax services can help you look on fleek, and reduce your pain because instead of dealing with pulling and shaping a single hair at a time a professional can do it in one single swoop. Eyebrow waxing for some is painless, others report that it does hurt but the pain instantly fades after the pull. You can rest assured that when you are in the care of a professional you will feel as little pain as possible during our waxing services. In addition to the convenience and pain reduction, the margin for error is less than when you do it at home. Many times women try to wax their eyebrows at home and go too far leaving themselves looking bare for a month. We can help if you over waxed or over-plucked at home, without a bit of judgment. But we do urge you to start with professional service to save yourself the drama. Come to the professionals for the best look, easiest services, and fast pain-free action. Call for your appointment today.

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