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Hair Salon

Are You Looking For A Hair Salon That Is Skilled At Balayage and Hair Color Services?

Anyone who gets their hair professionally colored knows that you cannot simply go to just any salon for great results. A skilled colorist is like a blend of a highly trained scientist and artist. The art and science of perfect color results without damaging the hair are achievable with practice, education, and of course talent. We are proud to offer quality hair color services right here at Dailey Hair Designs. Bring in an image of the style you want to achieve, or describe it and we will try our best to help you achieve exactly the look you want. Contact us about hair color services for a subtle change, to cover some grays, or to pull off a bold new color that you never have before. We can help you achieve your hair color dreams and have fun visiting during the visit.

Balayage is a great look for the fall. If you want to warm up your color with this trendy we can help you choose the exact shade gradient that will work best with your current shade, hair type, and preferences. The natural result of balayage leads to the high-end look with hair that fades down. It is clearly professional, yet it looks so great sometimes people wonder if it is somehow a natural occurrence in the luckiest of women. We love perfecting the art of balayage and ombre hair coloring for our clients at any time of the year. Your options for hair treatments and color fades in warm or cool tones are seemingly endless. Do not hesitate to call and schedule your hair appointment before the season fades. If you want something less obvious than balayage but enjoy the look of highlights that look sun kissed we can go completely natural with all the tones and location of lows and highs. We offer exactly the look you want, to suit your personality with respect to your needs exactly. Open communication and comfort at your hair salon are vital and we strive to provide that open comfortable environment to all clients every single time.

Anyone new to the area or anyone searching for a new place to try come in and find out why Dailey Hair Designs stands out for quality standards, artisan skill, cleanliness, and friendliness. We look forward to meeting you and your family as we help you all look your best through the years. Contact us for your appointment for a cut, color, wax, blow out, or more.

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