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Hair Highlights

Are You Ready For Your Fall Hair Hair Highlights?

Dailey Hair Designs can help you with all of your fall hair plans with root application, hair highlights, and fashion color designs including Balayage and more. A root application should take place at least every six weeks, but if you really want to hide another shade, if your hair grows fast, or if you have a lot of grays you can visit every four weeks for a root-only touch up that does not harm the rest of your hair shaft a bit. The reason getting your roots professionally done is so important is because the hair can only take so much processing and a salon professional will take measures to make sure that your root application is only on the roots each time. Your hair's health and vitality are important to a talented and caring colorist, do not risk the health of your hair with at-home projects.

Start a new habit with us and schedule your regular root application. We take great care of our regulars and walk-ins alike. If you have been putting off your root touch up call today and look brand new before you know it. Remember that your roots can date your look significantly so be sure to keep up to date with regularly scheduled appointments with us. If you like, you can schedule other beauty treatments like waxing, wash, and blowouts, or highlights at the same time. We are here to help you feel confident and for your convenience so let us know if you want to schedule more than one treatment during your appointment time.

Not all hair coloring is meant to be a subtle change with natural shades. Sometimes you just want to be bold, loud, unexpected, and brave. We got your back no matter your style. We love to do bright fashion color designs that look show-stopping. And we also love using the art of the color to achieve subtle highlights that look so amazing everyone will wonder what your secret is. If you are into the full luxury look and service ask us about hair extensions that blend in perfectly with your own hair and color. You can pull off any look you like with the aid of a skilled hairdresser and a willingness to pursue the look you dream of. Contact us today for your seasonal appointment and go forward with confidence in your hair.

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