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Hair Designs

Dailey Hair Designs Is Your Conscientious Hair Shop For All Of Your Hair Care Needs.

Are you looking for a hair shop that can help you pull off Insta-worthy styles and is eco-friendly? Dailey Hair Designs is the local salon that you can feel great about going to time and time again. We serve the community with a variety of beauty services and we strive to be "green" as possible in our daily choices when it comes to running the business. If you are looking for a new place to call your beauty shop home, schedule an appointment and come on in to meet us and see what we can do for you.

Dailey Hair Designs offers the best you might expect from a friendly hair shop, with a high-end feel when you see the clientele who walked out with the best in hair designs. Whether you have a certain color in mind, hair extensions, or want to achieve a certain cut you have only previously seen in pictures we can put our creativity and skill to work for you so you can look just like you planned. We love trying new looks and helping people find the best cut color and style for their particular aesthetics. Confidence is about showing who you are and flattering the best of your features. Many people report that an afternoon in the salon leaves them feeling refreshed from the company and confident from the style, cut, and/or color, or even addition of hair extensions.

Many women wear hair extensions today. It is not about having thinning or sub-par hair to begin with. Many people choose to get hair extensions to enjoy a complete change of appearance without waiting for their hair to grow out. Others want some extra body and bounce during a special event, and many women simply love to switch between long, medium, and short hair at their convenience. Hair extensions are fun, they do not take too long for a professional to apply, and they look amazing. Do not be hesitant if you have been considering them, they last a while and can make you feel like a million bucks. We offer Halo Band and Tape-In Extensions. You can expect the appointment to take about an hour and a half. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to discuss your hair goals and how we can help you achieve the style you desire. We welcome new appointments year-round. Call today, or click the appointment button on the site.

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