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Full Face Wax

Hair Extensions

Dailey Hair Designs Offers Beauty Services As Well Including Full Face Wax Services.

A full-face wax is effective for more than just stubborn hair removal. Many women choose to get a full face wax even if they do not have much hair to remove because the full wax leaves a smoother palate to apply moisturizer and makeup upon. The benefits of a full face wax also include the fact that your hair will be removed by the follicle and will grow back significantly slower than otherwise. Some women actually shave their entire face for the smooth skin benefit but end up with prickles faster than expected because shaving does not pull it out from the follicle. If you see a woman who looks youthful and aglow, her secret may be a full face wax every other month or so to keep her skin smooth and ready to absorb the best in creams.

If you require a regular chin wax appointment or a full face wax contact us to choose a date. We are fast, efficient, and friendly. Many people choose a chin wax to simplify their life and maintain stray hairs that seem to come on progressively over time. Women of all ages get chin hairs. It is not a cultural or age thing, it is simply a fact of life for most women out of their teens. Many women can control it with daily tweezing and diligence, but many choose to remove all their chin hairs in one swoop so they do not need to constantly check for a random hair that popped up seemingly overnight. You may be surprised at the number of women who get their chin, eyebrows, upper lip, nose, and even whole face waxed. We see women of all ages and walks of life who come in to keep their facial hair at bay. Schedule your consultation or specific waxing appointment today or discuss your beauty treatment options the next time you come in for a cut, color, or blowout. Daily Hair Designs is a friendly salon for all of your beauty needs in the area. Come in and become a regular.

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