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Hair Extensions

Dailey Hair Designs Can Get You Ready For Anything That Comes Your Way With a Brazilian Blowout.

You deserve to look your best and to de-stress before a big meeting, date, girls night, or just because. Our shampoo/ blow-dry service will leave you feeling like a queen. You can schedule shampoo/ blow-dry service with or without a hair cut and/or color. If you know a lady who has had a rough time recently then a gift certificate for a cut and shampoo/ blow-dry service can help her feel a bit more positive. We have seen time and time again the effects of some self-care and downtime at a salon with a great environment can have on a woman who has been feeling out of sorts. Consider setting you and your best pal up an appointment today. Or consider a Brazilian Blowout for a longer-lasting version of our blow-dry service.

Did you know that a Brazilian Blowout can last up to three months? This means three months of smooth frizz-free hair that is easy to style and amazing looking. If you want to look like you spent all morning prepping your hair when really you only spent a few moments schedule your Brazilian Blowout today! You can save time and look better than ever by just visiting your favorite salon for a regular blowout. There are many salon secrets that women who look like they have it all together keep to themselves. But looking amazing without taking a ton of time is as simple as visiting a salon professional who can make the complex simple time and time again. We provided styling services, cuts, professional colorist services, kids cuts, waxing, and more call today for your appointment.

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